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FOSDEM slides available

I uploaded the slides of my FOSDEM talk.

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Devices I like to play with

There are still some toys I have not touched yet. Time to change. :)

  • Greenphone: How is a 2.6 kernel port going and how are the chances to get OpenMoko running.
  • HTC with qwerty keyboard: How is the 2.6 kernel port going and what is the state of running OpenMoko.
  • RIZR Z6: Getting source from Motorola, get 2.6 running and look at OpenMoko on it.

Let's see when I can get my finger on one of this devices.

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Using notify-send from shell scripts and cron job for smooth notification.

Sometimes you need a possibility to notify the desktop user from shell scripts, cron, etc..

Notification-daemon and libnotify are the way to go here.

They provide a nice little commandline tool to generate notifications calls notify-send. You can set title, text, icon, level and category. Really neat to notify you about stuff in your own scripts.

But there is a problem if you like to notify the user from scripts running with another uid. You need the right dbus session address. This little script fixes the problem for you. Searching for the address and set it correctly before executing notify-send.

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Back on track

University tests are over. Puh, this means way more spare time in the next weeks.

I plan to invest much of this time in OpenEZX and OpenMoko.

Philipp Zabel already has done some nice work on a qvga theme. He runs OpenMoko on a HTC Magician with 320x240 resolution. We opened a bug to keep track of it.

At the moment Philipp rescaled the images from the vga theme. On long term we need images adjusted to the needs of qvga from the OpenMoko designers.

On the OpenEZX site a started to cleanup the mess called my OpenEZX project folder. Way to much to much different kernel trees and separate patch folders. Many of them obsolete but never removed.

After cleaning up and getting rid of all the old cruft I started to put the patchset under version control. This was needed since a long time ago. Anyway, now we have it.

Another TODO item I fixed yesterday night was the use of CIA. I created our project and after some hassle with the bot script it know reports all svn commits on the page and in our irc channel.

On the FOSDEM front I like to get my slides ready until thursday for upload and submission to the embedded room staff.

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Cold and university tests

I have a cold for the last three days and I expect today is not the last day.

Additionally I have to learn for two university tests. Expect no work on OpenEZX or OpenMoko until 2007-02-18.

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